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Gem Lab Services
Gem Lab is a GIA LabDirect Consolidator operating a full service window in Ramat Gan and Antwerp for the GIA Laboratories. As an authorized “GIA LabDirect Program” participant, Gem Lab provides easy, seamless and convenient access for clients looking to submit diamonds and precious stones for grading at G.I.A. laboratories around the world. From the moment your precious stones are entrusted to our expert care, you're guaranteed peace of mind throughout the process. We handle all logistical procedures required for transporting your goods to and from the labs, as well as communicating directly with the grading lab on your behalf. Your local drop-off and pick-up window facilitates a speedy and secure service, tailored to your needs and timetable.
Gem Lab prepares the stones for shipping to the designated gemological laboratory, ensures fast and secure delivery to the lab and relays grading results upon completion of the grading process.
Gem Lab Services is a division of the Malca-Amit Group of Companies.

Gem Lab Services Ltd.
21 Tuval St. Suite 1966
Ramat Gan 52522, Israel
Tel.: 03-6122218
Fax: 03-6122219

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  • Rough Diamonds

    • Question: Can we send rough diamonds for grading at the GIA?


      You cannot send rough or partially rough diamonds with Gem Lab to the GIA for grading. You may and can send it directly to the GIA along with the required Kimberly Process Certificate. Please see the GIA's information regarding this matter at

  • GIA Return Dates

    • Question: What are the GIA Return Dates


      As of Friday, January 8, 2016 return dates for grading and/or identification services will be updated daily rather than weekly. This improvement will provide a more precise estimate for when items will be available for pickup or shipment.

      Previously, return dates were based on the week in which an item was submitted. The enhanced system will calculate return dates based on the specific date of submission; each submission date will have a specific return date.

      The Return Dates page on will list return dates based on stone type and carat weight (if applicable) for each lab. Return dates will be available for the current day and the previous five weeks. The system will not calculate return dates for future submissions.

      Please go to the following link for the current Return Dates  


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